Self Care

Sometimes life is so hectic with all the daily errand running be it with the kids, work, pets, assisting with loved ones; whatever your day encompass they all factor into the daily grind.  We have to meet deadlines at work and still be mommies and mates all while having a wrinkled smile.  Self-care is so important in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, we must take a breather to clear our mind.  When all of the chaos builds up and we feel like we can let out a roar as big as a mama bear; this is a sure sign that we need some "me time." This time does not have to be something on a grand scale.  Clear your mind by reading, taking a longer nap or just even making time to indulge in a nap at all, having a relaxing bath, or just mindfulness meditation -which is clearing your mind while focusing on your breathing and letting your mind wander.  When we take care of ourselves, we are stronger and better to help take care of others.  We have to pick our battles, and it's ok to say "No" and not feel guilty.  Don't let others break you down and load you with concerns that can wear you down mentally.  Make yourself a priority even if it’s only for 20 minutes a day to remove yourself from the chaos of that day. Make time for your guilt-free self-care. You deserve it!

Author: SWeet AND Bossy


  • Thanks for letting women know it’s okay to put themselves first!

  • Great examples of guilt-free self-care! I will practice using them!


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