Good Challenge

Life can throw us so many uncertain curve balls, we can either bob and weave to avoid them or put on our catcher’s mitt and helmet and deal with them head on.  We are challenged everyday with difficult tasks; there is nothing worse than when your eye has been set on accomplishing a certain goal but out of nowhere a situation happens and you’re unexpectedly pulled two steps back and your perfect plan is not so perfect anymore. What do you usually do, do you give up or do you stay and fight?  At certain times in our life, we will be pushed to our limits, our backs are up against the wall and it seems like there is nowhere to turn.  We must never give up, we must face challenges with persistent determination to accomplish what we initially set out to achieve.  The life that we live as we know it-will always be faced with some uncertainty, but you can’t let that deter you. Don’t shy away from your desired outcome but be resilient and determined in your quest.  If you want it bad enough: believe in it, stand up for it, and make it happen!  You must keep your grit and determination throughout the process even when you don’t see any immediate results.  There will always be naysayers or doubters along the way but stick with it.  The process takes time, that’s why it’s a “process” (steps if you may) to get there.  You will feel better when you set small goals to accomplish your bigger goal and with each small goal accomplished you can get closer to your desired outcome.  A challenge CAN be positive; it can make you stronger and give you the tools and life skills on board next time a similar challenge meets you. Obstacles are like big boulders in the road. You can either climb over them and face your fears or turn around and go back the way you came-all while never accomplishing your goal, and in the end, you are left feeling defeated. Obstacles are deterrents that move you away from what you set out to do and they can come in so many forms.  They can even make the simplest task seem so massive and unachievable. You MUST believe you will progress despite challenges and obstacles in life.  Face challenges and obstacles head on and believe in yourself in order to gain the confidence to face your fears.  Set small but realistic goals, put an obtainable plan into action, and then GO!  You got this, we got this. I am every woman, it’s all in ME already. 

Author: SWeet AND Bossy


  • This has given me an added confirmation on how much I should not quit but to know “I got this “. Well put message!!!

  • Great message for anyone who has ever questioned their passions in life because of naysayers or experienced difficult circumstances. Coal under extreme pressure produces diamonds 💎 We are all diamonds in the making!

  • This is an awesome message and SO TRUE! I’ve stood up to challenges and always felt it’s more than worth it in the end plus it gives God the chance to prove Himself faithful and trustworthy ❤️

  • Magnificently written message! I accept the challenge to believe!


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