And the Winner is...

Did you accomplish your goal by ANY means necessary? Do you have more followers than her or did your tutorial get more views than hers? Do you secretly not want her to get that promotion although you know it means the world to her or maybe things just did'nt go the way that she expected them to go in a situation and you really are not that upset for her at all? If so, we are sending a cease and desist letter to this and all similiar behavior and waving our white flags.  We are bringing attention to this subject in order to help us to continue to "Love Thy Self" and extend love to our fellow sisters.  Let’s rededicate ourselves to self-love and sisterhood.  This month is considered the month of LOVE so let's start embracing, encouraging, and supporting our fellow sisters and especially start loving ourselves. This is not a competition, this is real life.  It’s ok to compliment the next woman or show general interest in her passion, her business, her woes without thinking about ourselves and our own situation.  Uplift your fellow sister and hold her to the light, let BOTH of your lights shine brightly but if hers is dim at some uncertain time, take the time to help her find her happiness and grace and find herself again.  You must love thyself first and feel that you too are worthy and that everything about YOU is what makes you who you are, and you are not aspiring to be anything different than who you were meant to be. Envy can manifest itself in many forms.   A friendly competition is good for the soul, but let us not feel like we must compare, compete, tear down, or treat each other with blatant disrespect.  Let’s rededicate ourselves to compassion, sincerity, and sisterhood. The current world is different than it was 20 years ago, so much has changed around us, but let us not change from the people who we were meant to be.  At the CORE of a woman is compassion, this compassion should embody all aspects of our lives.  Let’s support each other’s goals and aspirations, be that genuine shoulder to lean on in times of lack.  There is no winner here, we are all in this together.  If there are ways to help your sister become better, let’s do it out of love and not from an evil place.  Also, when we are helping our sister become better, the intention should always be with good will, and not to make us feel better about ourselves or our situation. Jealousy and Envy does not live here anymore and is not welcome! When we ban together, work together, and support each other we all become winners because we are stronger and wiser when we stick together.  The time is now for rededication, who’s with me? Count me In. WE, together, are unbeatable, and nothing can stop us!    

Author: SWeet AND Bossy


  • Very inspiring message.
    Thank you…

  • I loved this message. I also love the earrings that I ordered. I get a lot of compliments on the olive beaded ones.

  • Wonderful message for all!

  • Such a timely message for the month of love! Count me in for rededication to sisterhood!

  • Love the message, extremely pertinent. Continue to empower.


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