SWeet AND Bossy💋

Women Empowerment

At times if we are too direct and forward, we are considered to be difficult. Who says we only have to express ourselves in one way. We can be both SWeet when the occasion calls for it then take the Boss role when necessary.
I am confident, creative, intelligent, strong, beautiful, introverted, extroverted, loving, I AM a force to be reckoned with.
No matter the adversity, keep pressing through.

Customer Reviews

These were the perfect Tees for my bridesmaids it suited their personalities to the T, they loved them!

J. Sanders

I love these Tees, they are so my personality!

K. Lovelace

Every time I wear my Tees, I get a smile, then I get a compliment, I have the leaf green and the olive. 

P. Smith

The Chocolate Tee is Everything, it accents my wardrobe pieces!